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Here's hoping that you can benefit from these links, which have helped me and my family so very much:

Ralph and Lahni DeAmicis
Lahni is my mother and she has been an amazing help with advice and information on health issues for my whole family. Using a great tool called The Compass, we've been able to have a better idea of what my non-verbal child needs nutritionally.

Nature's Sunshine Products
These great products are the best natural supplements you can get. If you are interested in using an herbal program, I highly recommend Nature's Sunshine for quality, education, cost effective products and great customer service.

Home Medical Tests with TestSymptomsAtHome.com
We've had a very difficult time getting Iris to doctors - and when we do get her there, the doctors very often have a difficult time handling us - so I have found these home medical tests to be very helpful. Non-invasive tests that I can perform at home to monitor my child health has been a real blessing.

This is an amazing audio program, created by Jean Genet - a neurosurgeon, who was himself a vaccine injured child - has done wonders for my family. Learn more about this easy to administer program and this amazing man.

Silent Miaow
I found these videos at YouTube and I was really impressed to see this severely autistic woman deliver thoughtful and thought provoking monologues on a type and speak machine. She forever changed the way I look at autism and people dealing with physical challenges across the board.

Notes from the Universe
Mike Dooley is a great guy and helps me focus on the positive with his daily Notes from the Universe. They should be called Love Notes - they are free and start my day right.

Other products and web sites by Carole Cherry:

Planetary Calendars
This is my own publication - I've been printing these with my parents for nearly 15 years. I find that working with the stars helps me very much on my journey through life, and I mention it here to you, my friends. We offer free weekly emails, astrological consulting services (most on a donation basis) as well as printed and electronic Planetary Calendars We try to help as much as we can!

There are so many reports of success with autism and the GFCF Diet that I wanted to try it with my Iris. After being off dairy for 6 months - and doing quite well - we started it was time to remove the wheat and glutein from her diet as well. I have compiled my efforts here - including instructions from nutritionists, recipes and product recommendations. To add your information to the list, please visit GFCFKids on Facebook - all content and input welcome.

As the daughter of Naturopathic Physicians, I get a lot of herbal and natural health information that has worked wonders for my family. I thought it would be great to share this information with other families, so I have compiled my efforts here - including links for product recommendations and suppliers. Feel free to visit Herb4Kids on Facebook for information and more.

This site is set up to do business marketing products - like custom t-shirts, magnets, pins, etc. - but it allows you to create custom t-shirts and mugs and things with anything you want, and then make them available to the general public.

Browse personalized Autism Awareness items from Zazzle
I see a lot of Autism Awareness products out there, but I thought we could use some with holiday themes (they are great for halloween trick or treating or going to a parade or party), so I made some with Zazzle. I also made some kind, all purpose Autism Awareness shirts, buttons and even hats, that we could put a phone number on the back to help our kids who wander find their way back to us more easily. I've put all my ideas together in this Zazzle store. Please check it out and feel free to send suggestions.
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