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My e-Book
The journey from Personhood to Parenthood was a difficult one for me, made all the more complicated by autism. I was very lucky to have some terrific help and support at a time when there was not a lot of support for families like ours. I have compiled a brief description of our journey and helpful tips we found along the way into this short PDF formatted e-Book, for you.

Tips from a Recovering Parent of Autism

*NOTE: When you click the above link, you may be asked whether you want to Open the File or Save the File. You should Save the File to your computer, then find and open it, for best results.

There are so many reports of success with autism and the GFCF Diet that I wanted to try it with my Iris. After being off dairy for 6 months - and doing quite well - we started it was time to remove the wheat and glutein from her diet as well. I have compiled my efforts here - including instructions from nutritionists, recipes and product recommendations. To add your information to the list, please visit GFCFKids on Facebook - all content and input welcome. *Available in multiple languages (including Spanish, German, French and Italian) thanks to Google Translator.

As the daughter of Naturopathic Physicians, I get a lot of herbal and natural health information that has worked wonders for my family. I thought it would be great to share this information with other families, so I have compiled my efforts here - including links for product recommendations and suppliers. Feel free to visit Herb4Kids on Facebook for information and more.

As the mother of a severaly autistic child, I have learned about resources that are available for families with special needs and I wanted to have a spot where I could post the information. We have been through Social Security Disability and In Home Support Services, but the information was not alway easy to find, so I have compiled my efforts here - I am just getting started with this and some of the links have been recommended by others, but I have not yet had the time to go through and check them all myself (I will note the ones I know, so you can easily see). Check back or send suggestions to help this area grow.

In response to autism in my family, I started doing Reiki, with great success on some. I think that it helps with my daughter, though that is harder to measure with no verbal feedback. If you are interested in Reiki healing energy, please contact me. I can am even learning to do it over distances, and would love people to work with.

Compass Tool
It can be very difficult to find out what some children need, nutritionally, to function optimally. This Compass Tool can be very helpful in measuring what herbal supplements will benefit a person most, simply by having that person hold their hand on the comfortable mouse-like measuring device - and since it can be done with surrogate testing, you don't have to rely upon a child to sit still for too long. I tried this and was amazed by the testing and would recommend it to anyone looking for information from a non-verbal child. Please contact me for more information on using this tool.

Byonetics emails
Jean Genet of Byonetics sends regular emails relating to different facets of autism and the health of all our family members (including caregivers) and I like to share some of these email with you here.

Autism Awareness Items
I have heard so many people wishing for kind slogans on shirts to alert the general public that their child is autistic. I have tried to make them here - Zazzle.com will let you put your own designs on a shirt, hats, pins, and bumpter sticker, then make them available to others. If you can think of a helpful item, let me know and I will make it for you, if I can.

Browse personalized Autism Awareness items from Zazzle
I see a lot of Autism Awareness products out there, but I thought we could use some with holiday themes (they are great for halloween trick or treating or going to a parade or party), so I made some with Zazzle. I also made some kind, all purpose Autism Awareness shirts, buttons and even hats, that we could put a phone number on the back to help our kids who wander find their way back to us more easily. I've put all my ideas together in this Zazzle store. Please check it out and feel free to send suggestions.
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